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Why Tread Digital?

Howdy, folks!If I’m honest, this whole ‘Tread Digital’ idea was born because I craved it—a digital watering hole for all of us knee-deep in the wild world of ag marketing tactics.Like many of you, I spend my days strategizing and executing go-to-market plans.But it doesn’t matter if we work for an agribusiness, a genetics company, a grower association, or an AgTech startup, we’re in a constantly shifting industry while working in a constantly shifting function.Marketing in agriculture isn't a walk in the park. Hell, it’s more like an interpretive dance with spreadsheets strapped to your feet.But there’s never been a central online hub where we could connect, share best practices, and learn from each other. That's the vision behind Tread Digital: building a thriving community for ag marketers.And as for the name…?Obviously, the tread on a tractor tire is what gives it traction, stability, and the ability to conquer any terrain. It's a perfect analogy for marketing in our industry, don't you think? We provide the grip and direction that can propel our business forward.And let's not forget that a well-defined tread leaves a lasting impression in the soil—just like the impact your marketing efforts can make.So come join us, share war stories (and wins!), and learn from your fellow ag marketing mafia.See you on the inside,

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